30 06 2011

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Ritta Cooper’s magnificent kusamon recently displayed at the MBA Show in Failand

“ACCENT” or “COMPLIMENTARY” PLANTINGSThere will be very many more examples in the Exhibition on 27th May 2012


The plants themselves were often brought in with trees that had been collected and they were then planted in separate pots to remind the collector of where the tree came from.  These plants would often be grasses or wild flowers.

In time the growing of plants to accompany tress in displays or Tokonoma became more popular and an accepted way of depicting a feeling, season or location.

Accent plants have gained importance over the last decade or so, because many bonsai shows have become increasingly aware of the art of bonsai display, and not just with the quality of the tree exhibited – it’s now about the bonsai, the pot, the stand, the scroll, the and the complimentary plant, or other accent item (e.g. a bronze figure) as they relate to each other.

So, now when we display bonsai, we usually also include an accent item – as it has become known over the years. If this is a plant, the correct term should be shitakusa, which is translated from the Japanese into: shita = below or under, and kusa = grass.

In the last 20 years or so, related or new art forms have developed: –

  • Kusamono, which literally means: kusa=grass and mono=thing.
  • Kokedama, which literally means koke=moss and dama=ball
  • Nearai, which literally means Ne=Root,  arai=washed

© Ritta Cooper 2011

You can find more of Ritta’s info on kusamono etc by visiting Swindon Bonsai Society’s website if you click here or additional info on the recent BBS Show  here


This blog site is dedicated to “MAGICAL BONSAI ACCENTS EXHIBITION” which is a unique exhibition for any category of accents that can be displayed in association with bonsai.

It is hoped to make this an annual event and is open to anyone who has suitable quality examples for exhibition.




6 responses

3 01 2012
16 05 2012
Simon Haddon

I would like to wish you all the best for next weekend. Really disappointed to miss the event but hope to make the next one,
Kindest Regards, Simon

16 05 2012

Many thanks Simon for your well-wishes.



27 05 2012
Dave Martin

Congratulations to all involved in this event.
To those who missed it, do not miss the next one! Well I hope there will be a next one, no doubt this event will be copied…..

Thanks to Robin for his plants and to everyone else, it was a great day.

28 05 2012

Hi Dave,

Many thanks for your kind comments and for your contribution to the event….. your display of ‘accents’ was lovely and your ‘wall-hanging’ log took my vote for best entry….. now how about that!

We are enormously grateful to all of the exhibitors for helping to make this such a unique and beautiful show and I think the choice of the word ‘Magical’ in our logo was very apt.

We will be repeating the the exercise probably in 2 year’s time. See you again then!



26 10 2013
Robt Daza

Gracias amigo me gustó mucho tu información la cual me servirá para ampliar mis conocimientos, al igual que Ud. estoy muy interesado en todo lo que tiene que ver con el cultivo y cuidado de los Bonsái, espero sigas cosechando muchos éxitos en este arte milenario que muy pocos conocen y que todos desearían conocer, en prueba de mi agradecimiento por tan valioso aporte deseo compartir con todos Uds. en este blog una información referente al cultivo y cuidados del Bonsái, que de seguro les va a servir de gran ayuda, les dejo el link aquí http://c33e8or-gb77ay54p9zm79nkc1.hop.clickbank.net/

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