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“Mount Fuji” visits Failand via a cloud to celebrate the world’s 1st exhibition of Magical Bonsai Accents


It was at John and Jackie Hanby’s  Newstead Bonsai Extravaganza that I visited a couple of years ago that really opened my eyes to the importance of the “accents” that accompany bonsai when displayed in a formal way.  There were some stunning accent plants, scrolls, bronzes, suiseki etc at the show, and indeed, at most other bonsai shows around the world.  It struck me that these supporting items all have an intrinsic beauty of their own and yet are only ever seen in this ‘supporting’ role.  Surely it was time to give these ‘second class citizens’ a show place of their own, as, ‘second class citizen’ they most certainly are not!.  And so the concept of the Magical Bonsai Accents Exhibition was born.  I suggested to John that he may care to allocate some space at his next big event to showcase ‘Accents’ in all of their variety, but the suggestion wasn’t taken up.

So, I invited Mark and Ritta Cooper, John Trott, Robin Jehan and my wife Cecilia to join me in forming a team to jeer-up the idea and make it a reality. We all put our heads together in a ‘brain-storming’ get-together and outlined the broad format that the exhibition should take.  And with the wonders of the electronics world, many more ‘conferences’ were held via the Internet as well as around the dining table.  Mark Cooper volunteered to coordinate the event, and we all know how much input that involved.  Thanks Mark.  The rest of us all had our respective responsibilities to administer ‘in the background’.

Well, Sunday 27 May 2012 finally showed the world just how wonderful bonsai ‘accents’ can be.  The diversity of ideas and the high standard achieved was commendable to say the least.  There was nothing but positive feedback for the Show.  The Team worked extremely hard over the past year to make the event such a success and of course the exhibitors and traders that were involved also put on many spectacular displays.  We are indeed most grateful to all concerned and thank you all for your support.  Without you, the Show could never have happened.

We have received so many congratulatory emails from all around — many thanks — much appreciated.

I will be posting a large number of pictures of the Event over the next few days/weeks and would welcome more pictures if ‘anyone out there’  has any for the site.

Please send your full-frame photos to me ( ) in jpeg format and I will size and crop if necessary in Photoshop and post them on the site if appropriate.

Many thanks, Dan Barton

All text — © 2012 Dan Barton

All Photos — © 2012 — property of the respective photo-authors.

The triadic arrangement of — bonsai/accent/picture. This was the only full size bonsai in the show to demonstrate how a typical formal bonsai arrangement is usually set up. Although these days, many exhibitors are applying ‘artistic license’ and all manner of innovative dispalys are appearing at shows.
In this particular arrangement there is an implied ‘story-line’ showing in the framed picture, a collected tree (yamadori), a resin model of a bonsai enthusiast working on a tree and a mature bonsai. Just a little bit of wit — not to be taken too seriously. For the purpose of clarity the background of the hall has been edited out in Photoshop.

This is the bonsai yew that was used in the display

Detail of ‘collected’ tree in framed picture above.

The resin model of a bonsai enthusiast working on a tree

Mark Cooper seems to think there’s a similarity here — now I wonder why?

Robin Jehan talking to Mary Payne ((of radio and tv broadcasting fame), who officially opened the Event. They are standing in front of Robin’s magnificent display of accent plants brought over from Guernsey. More pics of his display later in subsequent pages.


3 responses

2 06 2012

GREAT!! :o)
Looking forward to see more pics of the show ……….

4 06 2012
Jurg Hintermann

Hello Dan, here is Switzerland calling….message from Jurg. Great trees, superb potts and the best: You Dan look just perfect. The little statue is amazing, but the real guy looks even better. Jurg

4 06 2012

Thanks Jurg — You’re very kind with your comments — much appreciated.

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