MBA SHOW ’12 — page 2

Iris gracilipes on loan to Robin Jehan

A selection of Ritta Cooper’s medium size kusamono with two little accent plantings in the foreground
One of Dan and Cecilia’s kusamono planted on a piece of drift wood
Visitors to the Show perusing some of the exhibits
“Esoteric Pots” array of pots for sale
One of Cecilia Barton’s recently made ‘flying saucer’ pots with maple leaf decoration and ‘lava’ effect glaze
A fabulous accent planted on a piece of log belonging to Dave Martin — a lovely and very successful idea
General view of the show with visitors looking up at the stage where Ritta Cooper was performing one of her demos
Kath and Malcolm Hughes’ beautiful little pot (urn?)
Ritta Cooper’s large kusamono of mixed plantings on a beautiful stand
Three of Bob Bailey’s exquisite mame pots on equally exquisite stands
Cecilia and Dan’s major kusamono with two of their smaller ones either side
Detail from above photo
The right-hand side of Robin Jehan’s accents display
The middle section of Robin Jehan’s 3-table display of accents
The lefthand side of Robin Jehan’s magnificent array of accent plants — undoubtedly the “Accents King”
John Trott’s bronze stags locked in battle with a flying swallow behind and a teensy little mouse climbing up a stem of grass
Phyl Barton and friend admiring one of Ritta Cooper’s displays of small accents
Mark Cooper’s display of tiny pots and one shohin bonsai (these wee trees are often used as accents in formal displays). The beige coloured rectangular pot on the right side of the middle shelf was made by ritta Cooper.

Dan and Cecilia’s display of some of their recently made stoneware pots

Detail pics of some of the display above and to follow below. In this picture we have some of Cecilia Barton’s powerful ‘Flying Saucer’ pots with a charming ‘bead’ plant in one of her accent pots.

Some of Cecilia Barton’s ‘Flying Saucer’ pots
Some of Dan’s recent tiny shohin/mame pots
Some of Dan’s recent tiny shohin/mame pots
John Trott’s table display of accent plants and figurines with some charming and witty inclusions that will be shown later
Dan’s array of suiseki islands and mountains with a suspended mobile of gulls gently riding the turbulence.
Detail of the gull mobile above — to introduce the concept of ‘movement’ in the display
John Pitt’s lovely table display of accents — I covet the two ‘root’ stands!
General view of some of the display tables photographed before the Show was opened
Ritta Cooper works her magic in one of two demos conducted during the course of the day.

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4 06 2012

What a fantastic event!!
Wonderful idea to present so many accents! TOPP +++++

16 06 2013
112 meldingen

I wanna say thanks for posting this awesome information. Keep up the good work. I’ll subscribe to your website also. thnx!

24 06 2013
Just A Plant In A Pot | Bonsai-Passion

[…] hint hint I hope we have another in 2014; nudge nudge. Some superb images of Ritta’s accents HERE and some also from Dan Barton and his lovely wife Cecilia HERE. And a few more […]

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