MBA SHOW ’12 — page 3

Dan and Cecilia Barton’s display of accent plants in Esoteric pots

Dan And Ci’s accent
Dan And Ci’s accent

Dan And Ci’s accent

Dan And Ci’s accent
Dan And Ci’s accent
Dan And Ci’s accent
Morea Van’t Hullenaar’s display — from the Netherlands
A fascinating pot by Morea
A lovely kusamono by Morea
One of Morea’s accent plantings in one of her interesting pots!
Cecilia and Dan’s kusamono in an early dansai pot
Cecilia and Dan’s composite planting in a dansai pot

Delyse Upton’s display of interesting and unusual accents

Andy Hardman’s exquisite little mame cotoneaster microphylla — adorable!
Another picky of Martin Shepherd’s beautiful dragonfly accent
One of Delyse Upton’s unusual moss plantings cleverly displayed on a glassy ji-ita
Steve McKee’s Lewisia in a beautiful mame cascade pot
John Trott’s ‘bunny’ grass in one of Cecilia’s ‘flying saucer’ pots
Pieter Van Brussel’s kokedama moss ball. Nandina Domestica with hosta underplanting?
Another of Steve McKee’s hostas on a nicely carved ‘root’ stand
Steve McKee’s miniature hostas — charming!
BobBailey’s display of mame-size accents on the left and some of Dave Sampson’s suiseki backed by a beautiful folded screen on the right.
John Pitt’s kusamono in one of his ceramic ‘logs’
Bob Bailey’s wee kusamono
Cecilia and Dan’s wee accent in a dansai pot
Owen Tregaskis’ images of Cornwall

Owen’s beautiful thrift accent plant

Close up from above image

Another Close up from above display

Dan’s ‘Eel River’ island suiseki gifted from Harry Hirao when on a visit to California. Check out the tiny fisherman way out in the ocean. The bronze doban was made by George Davis in Birmingham and purchased many years ago by Dan
One of Dan’s island stones in a glassy bottom dansai suiban
Dan and Cecilia’s composite kusamono planting in a large dansai pot

Bob Bailey’s display of teensy accents on the left of the bamboo divider and some of Dave Sampson’s Suiseki on the right

Peter Brown buying accent plants from Robin’s sales table — Mark Hasson (in blue top) is assisting
A wider view of Robin’s display
Another view of Robin Jehan’s display

Pieter from Belgium put on some very nice accents on his table display. It was great that he took the trouble to travel over from Europe to display at our Show

John Trott attends to a customer by his sales table
Some of the visitors watching and attentively listening into Ritta’s demonstration
Dan Barton’s ‘pool’ stone with lead koi and admiring cold bronze ‘naturist’ — the lily leaves were from cut soldenella leaves.
Steve tolley’s suiseki display with waterfall scroll and flying ducks

Close up of the magnificent suiseki on Steve Tolley’s display

Kath and Malcolm Hughes’ beautiful dancing cranes — tsuro no mai (japanese name)
Ritta Cooper preparing for her next demo
Visitor checking out one of the pots for sale — the lassy in the red top is Dan’s granddaughter
Kath and Malcolm Hughes’ copper ‘waste’ from a foundry — looks like a dragon
Martin Shepherd’s lovely table display of accents is in front of the first screen

Detail of the dragonfly on Martin Shepherd’s accent planting — FAB!


5 responses

1 06 2012
Dave Martin

The organisers should all take a bow for the foresight and effort in putting on what will undoubtedly be the jewel of 2012’s British Bonsai shows.
What a fabulous day it was, hopefully to be repeated perhaps in 2014.

The only problem is upping the bar.

Well done to all concerned.

1 06 2012

Many thanks Dave from all of the MBA Team for your kind comments about the recent Show — much appreciated.

4 06 2012

CONCRATULATIONS to organice this new kind of exhibition!!
I love the presentation of all the accents! :o)

4 06 2012

Thanks Wolfie for all of your kind comments — much appreciated. Shame you couldn’t have visited the Show, you would have loved it.
cheers, Dan

24 06 2013
Just A Plant In A Pot | Bonsai-Passion

[…] images of Ritta’s accents HERE and some also from Dan Barton and his lovely wife Cecilia HERE. And a few more […]

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