kokedama accents

Two more of Ritta Cooper's magical works.

Another Ritta Cooper creation

One of Ritta Cooper’s exquisite examples of ‘kokedama’

The same planting re-arranged a year later

There will be very many more examples in the Exhibition on 27th May 2012


Kokedama is a ball of Keto tsuchi (soil) covered in moss with plants arranged in and on it.

This form of planting has also become very popular in Japan and has been known as “the poor man’s Bonsai”.  These are often sold in department stores or flower shops and are themed to a season such as Christmas.

A variety of flowers, wild flowers, grass and other plants can be mixed and arranged using the same principles as for Kusamono to form a desired theme. Often tree seedlings are used.

Because of the small size of the ball the plants will typically remain small, with the soil inside allowing for growth and development of the plant’s root system.

During the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) the plants will change naturally and will have spring flowers, summer greens, autumn colour or during the winter the leaves may die off and the plant may become dormant.  But when Spring arrives again it will come into leaf again and show its beauty once more.

During the seasons some plants may have produced seeds and small seedlings may begin to appear on the ball. This is natural and becomes a fun part of growing and caring for Kokedama.

In time, some plants may dominate and need to be cutback or removed.

Kokedama can be used in the same way as Kusamono or Shitakusa depending on size and composition.

© Ritta Cooper 2011


One response

19 09 2011
David E J Claridge

Ritta,, truly beautiful, I have a space on the roof of my Boat,, I will try it out and see how they fare.. happy growing.. from Dave Claridge on Narrow Boat – `buteo`…

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