One of Robin Jehan's accent plants — Robin will be exhibiting an extensive display of his accent plants from Guernsey. He will also have many accent plants for sale at the event


Accent plants in all of their various forms and species as well as all of the other accoutrements that accompany a bonsai display will now have a show all of their very own. No longer will the bonsai ‘accent’ have to be the Cinderella of the show…… it will have a show of its own with its own blogsite (see URL below) and will be open to everyone to enter items for exhibition. We would love some of our friends from continental Europe to join us in this adventure too.

The Magical Bonsai Accents Exhibition was the idea of a few UK enthusiasts, and it will include a feast of bonsai related ‘quality’ accent items such as kusamono, kokedama, shitakusa, suiseki, hanging scrolls, mini bronze sculptures and other figurines, accent plants, accent pots, display tables etc.
It is believed that never before has there been an exhibition of this kind in the UK, or indeed in Europe(?) so it will be a unique opportunity to learn more about this increasingly popular aspect of bonsai and the art of display

This event is a must for your diaries and anyone that requires further information, or would like to exhibit at this show, should contact me (Mark Cooper) at:

Meanwhile, please do keep visiting this blogsite to keep up to date on the latest news and updates, and do please pass this info on to all of your bonsai friends and acquaintances.


Posted below are a few of the accent species that will be on display at the MBA event— there’ll be scores more!



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